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It’s hard to stop raving about how amazing Uganda is.  We’ve just come out of three days camping in 2 wonderful campsites.  Hippos across the river on a Congo beach then wandering through our camp at night.  Awesome game drives and awesome boat ride out on the channel between the Edward and George lakes with wine and snacks and hundreds of animals and birds... hippo, water buffalo, crocodiles, elephant etc... The water was mirror glass and we had our own private boat... very special. Passed village of people who live in the park swimming and doing there washing and then the fishermen heading out for their evening fish.  Camp fires and sitting under the evening stars. I Like that Masihambe Africa provides a no frills authentic trip with a great, very experienced bushman guide in Anthony. Travelling through Uganda offered lots of variety in accommodation from tents to simple lodges and great experiences of the culture, food, geography and wildlife.


When I mentioned to family and friends I was off to Uganda, I was greeted by a look of surprise and the questions – Why? Where is it?

I’m off to see the Gorillas and Chimps was my reply, it’s always been a dream of mine, so now is the time to tick another wish off my bucket list. What an amazing country, the scenery, the people, the animals, also to my surprise the wonderful assortment of birds and butterflies – just amazing! Masihambe Afrika have put together a great safari that I highly recommend from start to finish. So many highlights and so many wonderful memories. PS: I now consider myself an expert at putting up tents and cooking over an open fire.


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The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa for he has so much to look forward to.

Richard Mullin.

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